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June 4th, at 4PM and 8PM

performing Tom Johnson's NINE BELLS

Tom Johnson’s seminal piece for solo performer lasts, in the words of the composer, “about three miles”. Split into nine movements, the performer walks nine different shapes using the nine bells as coordinates, striking the bells along with the footpath to create a sonic doubling. Johnson then alters the patterns through delay/canon to create two simultaneous shapes. It is not a multimedia piece so much as a geometrical abstraction which takes place in sound and space. John Eagle’s new setting of the piece utilizes a set of justly-tuned bells to make this simultaneity even more specific, placing the shapes on a plane of harmonic space. The spatial relationships of musical pitches reinforce and are reinforced by the shapes of Johnson’s piece.

4PM and 8PM on June 5th
$18 General Admission
$15 Members/Students/Seniors

Advance tickets recommended.