Saturday, January 23, 2016 at 8PM

Luke Martin and Aaron Bresley

An Evening of New Works for String Quartet

This program features five new works for string quartet, composed by Luke Martin and Aaron Foster Bresley. Performed by Luigi Polcari, Jonathan Tang, Yvette Holzwarth, and Joy Yi, the pieces explore the use of graphic scores, poetry, vocalization, noise, and alternate tuning systems. The first half of the concert will be a premiere of a new, long-form work by Aaron Foster Bresley. Titled “barrier – bend/erect,” the piece is based on motion void of direction and destination. The four performers are posited as a circuit of unique and precise states, and given music through which they may become music(al). Following this, the second half of the concert will feature four shorter graphic score string quartets, by Luke Martin. These pieces are from his new CD (to be released on the FWD: rcrds label in December 2015), “residues.” The works seeks to explore the uncertain relational space between subjects and everyday objects existing as residue due to their leftover or forgotten status. In this space, there can be a dissolving of that subject-object relationship, creating a sort of faded, yet vibrant mingling; a potential for new combinations, momentary sparks, and the slippage of selves.


Luke Martin is an experimental composer, musician, and poet currently living in valencia, CA. his work focuses on the concepts of liminality, neutrality, and fragility, often seeking to explore the listener/performer's limits of perception. in particular, he is interested in the role of silence both in and out of music, and how to increase the listener, composer, and performer's consideration of silence. he is currently in his last semester of the MFA music composition program at CalArts.

Aaron Foster Bresley composes, programs, and sometimes dabbles in performing. he enjoys having his birthday on an holiday weekend. he has probably not yet met you, but he hopes to. aaron always asks celebrities what flavour of jello they would be. aaron currently lives in new york city, and is the east-coast half of the experimental music label FWD: rcrds. he thinks he would probably be lime. he has never learned to do a handstand or to juggle. many of these are things that belong in bios. aaron is lucky to spend his time pursuing things that do, and most of it doing things that do not.

Thursday, Jan, 28 2016 08:00 PM

Pleats of Matter: The Films of Blake Williams
3D and 2D films by Toronto Filmmaker Blake Williams

Co-Presented by Automata and Acropolis Cinema

One of North America's most exciting young filmmakers, Toronto's Blake Williams has spent the past few years experimenting with anaglyph 3D technology, emerging with a series of films that formally investigate a variety of otherwise quotidian spaces and landscapes by casually unlocking their nascent art-historical dimensions. At once playfully conceptual and viscerally charged, his films merge the aesthetics of the digital age with the tools of classic optical technologies, playing light, shadow, and other natural phenomenon off one another in hyper-sensory displays of depth and color. His two latest works, Red Capriccio (2014) and Something Horizontal (2015), represent the pinnacle this approach to date, and together have travelled to the Toronto, New York, and Oberhausen Film Festivals. Join us as we welcome Blake Williams for the first presentation of his work in Los Angeles, with a two-part program dedicated to his work in the realms of both two and three dimensional space.

Curated by Jordan Cronk


Saturday, Jan, 30 2016 08:00 PM

Southland Ensemble
Music of Earle Brown: FOLIO

Earle Brown’s influence on the avant-garde community has been philosophical as well as tangible and practical. His conducting techniques and experiments with “time notation,” improvisation, and open-form compositional structure have become part of contemporary compositional usage. His work with new notations, scoring methods, and performance attitudes led to his development of graphic, improvisational, and "open-form" scores such as Folio and Four Systems.


About Southland Ensemble:

“Boundaries were blurred—not just between the pieces themselves, but also between music and theater, between audience and performer, between performance and life.”
Isaac Schankler - NewMusicBox

The Southland Ensemble, formed in 2013, is a vibrant addition to the experimental music community and has thus far committed itself to presenting a series of portrait concerts. Each concert is carefully programmed to reflect a specific creative period in a given composer's career so that the audience is offered the opportunity to delve deeper into the work. Since its formation, the ensemble has presented works by Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Ashley and James Tenney. The ensemble seeks to broaden its focus to include composers outside of the United States in subsequent seasons.
The Southland Ensemble consists of eight core members who possess a vast amount of experience within the experimental tradition, particularly in the interpretation of graphic notation and text scores. The collective is flexible in size and often collaborates with guests as the music requires. The Southland Ensemble seeks to collectively share their experiences through the mediums of interactive concerts, workshops and lectures.


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