February 13, 2015

Southland Ensemble performing Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning

Automata is pleased to welcome back Southland Ensemble, as they present selected paragraphs from Cornelius Cardew's The Great Learning. The score is a masterpiece of contradiction - order and chaos, spontaneity and deliberation, professional and amateur, individual and collective. Composed from 1968-1970, this work instigated the formation of the Scratch Orchestra, an experimental ensemble that has greatly influenced many of us.

Southland will be joined by Corey Fogel, percussionist, as well as Eron Rauch, who will present a visual installation influenced by Cardew's work.

Friday, February 13, 2015 at 8pm
at Automata
Tickets, $18 regular, $15 students


The Southland Ensemble, formed in 2013, is a recent addition to the experimental music community and has thus far committed itself to presenting a series of portrait concerts. Each concert is carefully programmed to reflect a specific creative period in a given composers' career so that the audience is offered the opportunity to delve deeper into the work. It is in this way that the Southland Ensembles seeks to bring experimental music to a more diverse audience. Since its formation, the ensemble has presented works by Christian Wolff, Alvin Lucier, Pauline Oliveros, Robert Ashley and James Tenney. The ensemble seeks to broaden its focus to include composers outside of the United States in subsequent seasons. The Southland Ensemble consists of eight core members who possess a vast amount of experience within the experimental tradition, particularly in the interpretation of graphic notation and text scores. The collective is flexible in size and often collaborates with guests as the music requires. Each member of the group is proficient on a least one or more traditional Western instruments though they deviate from this as the scores dictate, sometimes playing stones or spoken word. The Southland Ensemble seeks to collectively share their experiences through the mediums of interactive concerts, workshops and lectures.

Southland Ensemble is:
Eric KM Clark & Christine Tavolacci, directors Casey Anderson :: Matt Barbier :: Orin Hildestad :: James Klopfleisch :: Jonathan Stehney :: Cassia Streb

FEBRUARY 20–22, 2015

The 2015 Getty Villa Theater Lab series

in collaboration with Automata and Los Angeles Performance Practice

Tungsten (artery)
(A Work-in-Progress Performance)
Directed by Janie Geiser
Written by Erik Ehn

Tungsten (artery) is a multidisciplinary puppet play that merges bunraku puppetry, shadows, video, sound, and text to create an elliptical rumination on our transience, our earthliness, our dust. Tungsten (artery) is a meditation on mortality in an age where the lines between life and death are blurred.

A young woman is serially born and eaten by the planet. Going back and forth from grave to rebirth, experience grows confused - earth is space and the moon is dirt. The earth’s balance shifts; a new sense of anticipation and disruption in earth’s natural cycles stirs the world - massive meteorological time contracted and newly written; a startling wildness is now familiar.

Tungsten(artery) centers on Cora, a contemporary Persephone, whose existential dilemma forms the center of the play. Half-asleep on a commuter train entering New York City, Cora struggles to remember where she is coming from, and where she is going. TUNGSTEN (artery) imagines Cora’s search for meaning, as she grapples with her responsibilities, her existential exhaustion, and the increasingly unfamiliar world of the upper air.

Performance times:
Friday February 20 at 8 PM
Saturday February 21 at 3 PM and 8 PM
Sunday February 22 at 2 PM


Admission: $7


Performed by:
Molly Allis, Jenny Greer, Youssif Kamal, Moira MacDonald, Alexis Macnab Erin O’Donnell, Whitney Rodriguez, Jessica Rosilyn, Hilario Saavedra

Scene Design: Shannon Scrofano
Lighting Design: Ellie Rabinowitz
Video Design: Carole Kim
Sound Design: Colbert Davis
Costume Design: Sandra Burns and Sarah Brown
Associate Sound Design: John Eagle
Additional Music: Cassia Streb
Puppet Design: Janie Geiser
Films: Janie Geiser
Production Stage Manager: Cameron Squire
Producer: Miranda Wright

Tungsten (artery) is supported, in part, through a Getty Villa Theater Lab Residency and a Jim Henson Foundation Project Grant.


MARCH 14th and 15th, 11-4, 2015
Stop Motion and Cut Paper Animation Intensive
Taught by Maya Erdelyi

MARCH 21-APRIL 18th, 2015
Storytelling Toys – Kaleidoscopes, Mobiles & Camera Obscura
A Series of 3 Workshops by Alexis MacNab



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