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July 26th-September 15, 2014

Susan Simpson performs:

Augustine September: Artist in Residence

At Kiosk #7 at the Far East Plaza

Augustine September will be Automata's micro-resident artist throughout the remainder of the summer. Because she is small in stature we are able to offer her a complete live/work space in Kiosk #7. September will be sharing her unique work process with the community during posted hours.

Augustine September is a painter, writer and multimedia performer. Her practice encompasses costume creation, dance and small-scale paintings done as a medium for personal communication with individual audience members. During her residency, Augustine September is developing an epic narrative around an embattled menagerie of animal, human and supernatural beings who inhabit a small volcanic island. She will both embody these creatures and depict them through drawings and painting (see paintings below).

Upcoming Performances Dates:

Friday, August 22nd, 12pm-2pm
Saturday, 23rd, 7-10pm

*These performances are ambient. Come anytime during the open hours.

ALSO, Augustine is accepting objects and materials to re-purpose for the costumes and props for her performances. Consider bringing her an offering.

The Far East Plaza (727 N. Broadway) runs in between Hill and Broadway on the South end of Chinatown. Kiosk #7 lies right outside Chego and Scoops!


Special thanks to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, The Durfee Foundation,The Center for Cultural Innovation, The Metabolic Studio, and The MAP fund