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November 6th-16th, 2014

Automata is pleased to announce the return of

Microscope Toy Theater

presenting two performances over two weeks

The Fisherman's Dream and Star in a Glass Jar

Late night on the shore... The old fisherman sits next to the fire. He recalls his youth and falls asleep pulling the the audience with him into a dream, both poetic and absurd.

A tiny spectacle which intermingles silent film and live paper puppetry.

A solo production by artist and composer Yulya Dukhovny presented at 10th Great Small Works Festival in New York and "On Edge" Festival of Contemporary Performance Art in Santa Barbara.

Showtimes for The Fisherman's Dream
Thursday, Nov 6th at 8pm
Friday, Nov 7th at 8pm
Saturday, Nov 8th at 8pm

Thursday, Nov 13th at 8pm
Friday, Nov 14th at 8pm
Saturday, Nov 15th at 8pm

***For adults and young adults (ages 12+) audiences***

A miniature paper performance inspired by the tradition of Kamishibaj, a method of storytelling originating in Japan.

Star in a Glass Jar is an incredible adventure of one child's letter with no address, which finds its way to the other side of the world. There, in a small village, may live someone willing and ready to help.

One of best holiday events in Moscow. - "Moscow Reporter, December 2012

Original story, design and music: Yulya Dukhovny
Voice of narration and vocal: Claire Finnk

Showtimes for STAR IN A GLASS JAR:

Saturday, Nov. 8th at 2pm
Sunday, Nov. 9th at 2pm & 4pm

Saturday, Nov. 15th at 2pm
Sunday, Nov. 16th at 2pm & 4pm

***For the entire family (recommended for ages 5+)***

Microscope Toy Theater is a touring company founded in 2010 by the musician and artist Yulya Dukhovny. She produces indoor miniature spectacles for children and adults. Her live performances incorporate traditional toy theater (also known as paper or model theater), video, original music and experimental puppetry.

Microscope Toy Theater was at Automata last year performing The Real Elephant to the delight of young audiences. We are very excited for that Yulya Dukhovny is back again performing two new shows!



July-November, 2014

Susan Simpson performs:

Augustine September: Artist in Residence

At the Automata Kiosk at the Far East Plaza

Augustine September will be Automata's micro-resident artist. Because she is small in stature we are able to offer her a complete live/work space in Kiosk #7. September will be sharing her unique work process with the community during posted hours.

Augustine September is a painter, writer and multimedia performer. Her practice encompasses costume creation, dance and small-scale paintings done as a medium for personal communication with individual audience members. During her residency, Augustine September is developing an epic narrative around an embattled menagerie of animal, human and supernatural beings who inhabit a small volcanic island. She will both embody these creatures as well as depicting them through drawings and painting (see paintings below).

Upcoming Performances Dates:

Friday, October 24th, 12-2pm
Sunday, October 26th, 1-3pm

*These performances are ambient. Come anytime during the open hours.

ALSO, Augustine is accepting objects and materials to re-purpose for the costumes and props for her performances. Consider bringing her an offering.

The Far East Plaza (727 N. Broadway) runs in between Hill and Broadway on the South end of Chinatown. Automata's Kiosk lies right outside Chego and Scoops!


Special thanks to the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, The Durfee Foundation,The Center for Cultural Innovation, The Metabolic Studio, and The MAP fund